We turned up the heat at Bridal Sculpt before the Thanksgiving feast this week. If you’re traveling to see family and you don’t think that you’ll get to work out, make your bodyweight work for you with this! Come in and try your first class for free at Bridal Sculpt and sign up here. Happy feasting! Disclaimer: The […]

You might say you’re bringing healthy dessert and you’re only going to eat protein and vegetables, but your aunt who makes THE PIES is going to make the pies anyway and it will be rude if you don’t just have a tiny piece and you’ll just have one taste of stuffing. Or a dozen. Welcome […]

Bridal Sculpt is a fun place to play with every different way that you can use your own body weight to tone and burn fat. Tonight we paired two of my favorite ways to feel the burn, Tabata Intervals, which work to take your heart rate way up and back down again to incinerate fat, and […]

[Disclosure: I was given Sweaty Bands samples and giveaways for followers by Sweat Bands. As always, I only write about the products and the classes that I love.] It doesn’t matter how long your hair is – if you’re in the middle of a class or workout that requires jumping or running, it has a […]

If you have a wooden floor at home and a towel, you’re ready to work out with this Tuesday’s Bridal Sculpt routine. Once you’re warm, hit the circuit two times and thank us later. Oh … and don’t forget that your first class is free –sign up here.     Disclaimer: The views expressed on […]

Gym: Urban Athlete, 4437 N Ravenswood Ave. Class Focus: A rhythmic Pilates-inspired class with the additional challenge of  body-weight resistance with TRX bands. Cost per workout: There is a $15 drop-in rate available, but you need to contact the studio in order to take advantage of that. Money saving offers:   $11o/month with a 12-month commitment […]

I’m having a great time teaching Bridal Sculpt! We threw a fitness test into the mix today and went as hard as possible for 10 minutes. We’ll re-test in three weeks to see how far we’ve come. Try this hour-long workout at home and don’t forget that your first class is free – sign up […]

I’ve posted about taking Bridal Sculpt previously, but this week, I got the chance to teach it. Pretty exciting stuff! The owner, Shannon Gail, is also my wedding planner, so it was an incredibly awesome full-circle experience. The amazing thing about the class is that it’s body weight based, so you can try the workout […]

Gym: Barefeet Power Yoga, 1006 W. Monroe Street Class Focus: Vinyasa flow with an emphasis on core strength and stretching in a fast-paced class. Cost per workout: $15 Money saving offers: $30 for the first month Other packages help to bring the cost of yoga classes down even more The Fab Fit take: When I walked […]

I’ve been into quick and easy at-home workouts, because when 20 minutes is all you’ve got, you need to make the most of it! Nike Trainers, Gina and Nikki asked me to be a part of their November 5-minute workout series. Find Gina at gMotivate.com and Nikki at her brand new Scottsdale, Arizona studio scottsdalebodi.com  – she just […]