For the next five weeks, I’m working with NTC Chicago to achieve my New Year’s resolution of running a sub-1:50:00 half marathon with the help of Nike Master Trainer Kate Hiipakka and our crew. The date is set for May 18th, and I’m using Fab Fit Chicago to keep me accountable during my training. Check out […]

I would eat breakfast for every meal of my life for the rest of time if given the choice. However, most of the world likes to eat other meals like “Lunch,” “Dinner” and “snacks.” One of my favorite breakfast foods is a protein-packed treat that I’ve been eating since I first found and adapted it […]

I love push-ups. I love push-ups so much I went off in search of different ways to get deep into the muscles in my arms with a variety of push-ups. At Bridal Sculpt, we pushed-up and we pulsed until our arms were crying. Remember, you, can try Bridal Sculpt for free. Cat/cow push-ups: This motion […]

If I’ve learned anything over the past few years spent training and exercising more seriously, it’s this: we’re all moving breathing body machines. You have to choose the right kind of fuel for before, after and sometimes during exercise (hello, endurance athletes) to get the kind of performance you want. When you’re walking into a workout […]

Studio: Teacher Paul Hnatiw will come to you, just email him to set it up at Class Focus: Restorative yoga focuses on stretching muscles and leaving practitioners deeply relaxed. Cost per class: Paul’s rates only depend on time, not the amount of people. $90 for 60 minutes $120 for 90 minutes The Fab Fit Take: […]

Oh, hey there, Fab Fit Chicago readers. Check out that incredibly attractive polaroid. The one with the girl in the hot pink pullover shamelessly mugging and thumbs-upping for the camera. Yup, that’s me in all my open-mouthed glory, and now my New Year’s resolution is out for the world to see- run a half marathon […]

(Photos courtesy of ENRGi Fitness) Studio: ENRGi Fitness, newly relocated to 215 West Ohio Class Focus: As described on ENRGi’s website, “Get ready to rock and row’ll with a super-charged mix of rowing, core strengthening, and total body exercises in this 30 or 60 minute class. Never rowed before? No problem! An instructor will lead the class […]

If you’re anything like me, this spike above the freezing point probably has you counting down the days until summer. Ahhhh bikinis, shorts, skirts. Time to lift and tone that butt. I use a few variations of this butt series in my own workouts and for the ladies of Bridal Sculpt. Do each exercise until […]

March 19, and AIR Aerial Fitness are hosting an invite-only Sweatworking event aimed at bringing busy professionals together to hit the gym to network instead of the bar. We’ll sweat. We’ll mix. We’ll mingle. We’ll pause to snap some Instagrams. I’d invite you all, FabFitChicagoans, but space is limited! So I’m giving away an […]

I wrote an entire post about setting SMART goals for the New Year and it’s time to check in. How are you doing with your 2014 goals? I viewed 2014 as an opportunity to create purposeful, fresh and delicious food for Fiance and me and I set my goals around planning our weekly menu. If […]