I love everything about these protein pancakes. I came home after a particularly intense workout at Power Sculpt Fitness and found myself insanely starving. I wanted my go-to protein pancakes, but I wanted to make them a little bit sweeter. What I came up with is the single greatest thing to ever come out of my […]

Sweatworking makes everyone at fabfitchicago.com a little giddy in a lot of ways. Not only do we get to take you inside the gyms we love for a workout, we get to meet some of you in real life for the first time. We know that busy people need ways to connect and to stay […]

We spend a lot of time on FabFitChicago.com sharing our favorite places to tighten up, but caring for your whole health is important to keep your fitness routine on-the-rails. Sometimes you have to give yourself the permission to let loose and reward your body for all of its hard work. Getting too stuck in the grind can have […]

I will use any reason to include a Beyonce music video in a blog post/ With race season upon us, some of you may already be preparing to run in various 5Ks or half marathons in the coming weeks. No doubt you’ve got a training plan to help you schedule your runs, cross-trains, and tapers, […]

Last night, we held the first of two #CTFSweatworking events this week at CrossTown Fitness. Don’t worry, we’ll tell you all about it after Saturday’s event, but the big picture idea is that a sweaty, fantastic time was had by all. In homage to the, as one sweatworker put it, “What did I just do to my […]

(Recipe adapted from Women’s Health 15-Minute training guide) If you’re as obsessed with soaking up every second of warm weather while we’ve got it as I am, then you’re probably looking for ways to add amazing fruits and fresh flavors to your easy weeknight salads. I’m a huge fan of making your own dressing, because […]

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After that amazing weekend we just had, I think it’s safe to say spring has sprung. And one of the first thing Chicagoans do the second it gets warm enough is swarm to the lakefront path. Men, women, couples, teenagers, kiddos, people with dogs, people with strollers, runners, bikers, bladers, and the occasional dude in […]

Class title: Power Cycle Express Studio: Power Sculpt Fitness, 3119 N. Lincoln Ave. Class Focus: This fitness hot spot just moved down the street from its previous location to make room for a spinning studio. Its spinning classes yield a high calorie burn and won’t disappoint. Cost per class:  $15 for a 30-minute class $22.50 for a 45-minute class […]

Address: Shred 415,1444 N. Milwaukee Other locations Old Town: 230 W. Division, Chicago, IL Lincoln Park: 2156 N. Clybourn Class Focus: This class works to spike and lower your heart rate repeatedly with interval training. It mixes 15-minute sets of treadmill work with 15-minute sets of toning. Cost per class: $24 for a single class Just opened, the newest […]

(The following post is a guest submission from Ashley Skelton, who’s not only a Registered Dietitian, but a total fitness fanatic.) Last week I asked you to define what being healthy means to you, and suggested that you write down a few simple rules to help you meet your definition. Let’s talk more about lists, […]