I dwell on things and I dwell hard. Last week I started to get caught up on the idea of creating a workout that focuses entirely on eccentric muscle contractions, or the part of an exercise that lengthens a muscle. This motion can actually cause greater muscle breakdown and can lead to greater gains. Read: get […]

running with the kenyans cover finn

I’ve been on a little kick lately of reading books about long distance running. Of course, Born to Run is a classic, and Eat and Run is a new favorite, so once I was finished with that, I immediately picked up Running with the Kenyans: Discovering the Secrets of the Fastest People on Earth. Perfect! […]

Gym: River North Gym, 222 Merchandise Mart Plaza, Ste 951  Class focus: HIITWall  focuses on getting your heart rate up while strengthening and toning. Each session focuses on either spiking your metabolism or increasing your strength. Cost per small group training session: $18/session for members The Fab Fit take: River North Gym is a hidden gem, nestled […]

{Disclosure: products mentioned throughout this post were sponsors of the #AtlasSweatworking event.} At FabFitChicago, we believe that variety is the spice of life and we know that sometimes it takes guts to walk into a gym where you don’t know anyone to try something totally new. That’s why we started putting together our monthly Sweatworking events where […]

soldier field 10 miler finish line chicago illinois

I love the Solider Field 10 Miler. It’s without a doubt my favorite race in Chicago, and unlike many years past, this year’s race day had absolutely gorgeous weather. Finishing at the 50 yard line set the perfect tone for a fun-filled holiday weekend. Instead of the regular race recap (although you can find my […]

(The following post is a guest submission from Ashley Skelton, who’s not only a Registered Dietitian, but a total fitness fanatic.) When I tell someone I’m a dietitian the questions start pouring in. So I’d like to answer some of the frequently asked questions in my next few blog posts. Question number 1: Are carbs […]

On a Sunday morning, I breezed into a Starbucks in the West Loop to meet Sarina Jain, the “Jane Fonda of India.” With a suitcase in tow, she was riding a high from her weekend in Chicago, where she brought her Indian culture to thousands at Self Magazine’s workout in the park. I can say, in retrospect, […]

Meal planning sounds like a big job. It’s two of the things I used to hate to think about on any given weekend: cooking and general domestic order. But like all things in life, you don’t just HAPPEN to eat healthy. You have to have a plan. Your plan may be different than mine based […]

kristen geil post race chicago spring half marathon

For those of you who have been following along, I started the new year with Nike’s Resolutions Crew, pledging to run a half marathon in under 1:50. My first attempt took place this past weekend at the Chicago Spring Half Marathon (you can read more on BibRave). My training plan included strength training (which I’ve never […]

ntc crew after 20 mile race group training for marathon

Until very recently, I rolled solo-dolo when it came to all my runs. And while I still definitely enjoy plugging into my music and using my run as “Zen Kristen” time, I’ve started to dip into group running recently with the Crew and Nike’s Discovery Runs out of the Bucktown running store. It’s a fun […]