Hi, my name is Kristen and I am a Type A. I schedule my life to the max, I always have a plan, and your eyes would bug out if you saw the lists I’ve made for my upcoming trip to Ecuador (I printed out the ten-day forecast for both Quito and the Galapagos Islands, […]

Fourth of July is my favorite holiday, bar none. I have a serious thing for American flag apparel, and this year, I was lucky enough to head to a friend’s lake house in Indiana to celebrate the long weekend. Since the friends I was with are fellow runners, we got a long run in Friday morning […]

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Go ahead, giggle a little bit. Fartlek. Fart-lek. FARTLEK. Get it out of your system now, because once you start running this thing, you may not have the lung capacity to chuckle at a fartlek- that is, if you’re doing the fartlek right. I’ll back up. Fartlek is Swedish for “speed play,” and it’s a […]

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While we were in the midst of the polar vortex and I was somewhere around hour 32 of the 48 hours I spent indoors, I vaguely remember making a promise to myself while in the throes of a particularly body-wracking shiver, “When summer comes, I will never complain about the heat! Not once! I will […]

I am pretty sure that it is internet law to link to the “OMG, shoes” video any time you write a blog post about shoes. However, I never really liked that video, and I’m much more of a Nelly girl myself, so here’s your alternative: When I first started planning this harebrained marathon training adventure, […]

There are few things on this planet that I love more than the World Cup. It combines my extreme patriotism with my love for soccer and day drinking. The fact that it only happens once every four years is probably better for my health. A real outfit that I own and wear frequently. The USA […]

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Well, you don’t have to tell me twice. One of the many highlights of my weekend in Oregon was listening to a sport nutritionist give us advice over an amaaaaaazing post-run brunch of granola with yogurt and fresh berries and strawberry sauce, a spinach and raspberry salad, mini mushroom and pesto quiches, and some sort […]

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It’s National Running Day, y’all! While the weather this morning was a little too gloomy for my running taste, I’m hoping to get a short run in during my lunch break or on my way to barre class tonight. Before my trip to Oregon (read more about Wednesday/Thursday’s events here – more to come!), I was […]

Save the date, Fab Fit Chicago readers: Saturday, June 7th, NTC Chicago will kick off their NTC Summer tour and it is not an event you will want to miss.  Here’s what you need to know: So, what’s the NTC Summer Tour? It’s Nike’s Tour de Force, an innovative journey to build the biggest and most connected fitness […]

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I’ve been on a little kick lately of reading books about long distance running. Of course, Born to Run is a classic, and Eat and Run is a new favorite, so once I was finished with that, I immediately picked up Running with the Kenyans: Discovering the Secrets of the Fastest People on Earth. Perfect! […]