What’s the difference between oatmeal and porridge? I had to google it too. Porridge is any kind of hot cereal that could be made with rice, cornmeal or oats. So oatmeal is a kind of porridge, but porridge is not necessarily oatmeal. Also, bears eat porridge. Whatever it is, it’s quick and it’s great for […]

Last week, post workout, I got a text from Jen, the owner of Living Fit Chicago, that said, “I have a treat for you.” I thought to myself, “Please food. Please food. Please food.” It was, in fact, food. It was my first delicious taste of homemade energy bars. After a tough workout, they were […]

I’ve never packed a picnic in my life. However, I have packed a lunch or two. If you can pack a lunch, you can pack a picnic. Just double up your healthy lunch, pack in something fancy and, bam, it’s a picnic. One of my favorite picnic foods (and just a delicious food regardless) is […]

Meal planning sounds like a big job. It’s two of the things I used to hate to think about on any given weekend: cooking and general domestic order. But like all things in life, you don’t just HAPPEN to eat healthy. You have to have a plan. Your plan may be different than mine based […]

I love everything about these protein pancakes. I came home after a particularly intense workout at Power Sculpt Fitness and found myself insanely starving. I wanted my go-to protein pancakes, but I wanted to make them a little bit sweeter. What I came up with is the single greatest thing to ever come out of my […]

spinach strawberry salad

I love spring food. One of my dietitian mom’s mantras that has always stuck with me has to do with eating food that’s every color of the rainbow, and avoiding having a plate full of food that’s only one color, especially if it’s that yellow-ish white carb color. Eating the rainbow is especially easy in […]

I have been obsessed with chia seed pudding ever since I found it in a cup-form at Whole Foods. I loved it so much, I wanted to be able to eat gallons of it every week. I’ve been playing with the combos, but my absolute favorite is lemon. If you don’t have patience to let this […]

I love green smoothies. As with most things, I go through phases of obsession. My recent green smoothie obsession has an extra green ingredient: avocado. Try this concoction post-workout – makes two servings. Blend all Ingredients: 1/2 cup almond milk 1/2 cup coconut water 1 cup spinach 1 banana 1 avocado 1 TBS chia seeds […]

(Recipe adapted from The Gracious Pantry) My mom is really into sending me recipes on Pinterest lately, which is a great way for us to share our love of healthy cooking from across state lines. She’s always been an adventurous eater and I’ve followed suit, hearing myself reuse her catch phrases in my adult years […]

When it comes to cooking, I like to refer to myself as “The One Pot Wonder.” The less that a recipe requires me to have on hand, the more likely I am to do it. Y’all already know that I’m a pro when it comes to veggie chili, but this week I thought I’d branch […]