We’re excited to announce the next stop on our fitness tour of the city, Sweat on State for July’s #Sweatworking event. We’re inviting you to join us July 31 at 7 pm!

Sign up here.

We think workouts are better in with friends. With that in mind, we’re making it even easier to come with a workout buddy by discounting tickets for groups of two or more by $1 per ticket. Grab a significant other, a friend, a colleague or a co-worker and come try this high-intensity workout!

Sweat on State is know for its tough workouts and this will be sure to challenge you, no matter your age or gender. Every workout at Sweat on State is scalable for any fitness level to make sure that the work your putting in will help you achieve your goals. This won’t be a CrossFit workout, but this will by a high-intensity class.

We’ll start with a killer workout and after you put in the work, we’ll bond over healthy food and beverages.

Will we see you there?


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